Johannesburg Christian Academy offers Grade R-12 CAPS Curriculum in a serene and conducive teaching and learning environment. It is independent non-denominational, non-racial, co-educational school run on Christian principles and values.

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JHB Christian Academy Rated one of the best schools in Johannesburg

We are one of the best schools in Johannesburg, and we offer Grade R-12 CAPS Curriculum in peaceful and helpful teaching and learning environment. Our independent, non-racial, co-educational schools run on Christian ideas and values. Hence we cater for Grade R-12, and we are one of the best schools in Johannesburg.

JHB Christian Academy has registered by the Department of Education. Our registration number 700134031. Learners have a lot of outside activities, even including sports. We have a complete staff-to-learner ratio in big classrooms that also assures parents safe, helpful teaching and learning. We're proud to say that we have built a Christian-based school that focuses on spiritual growth, academic progress and excellence, social upliftment and caring, sports skills development, and literacy for students. We improve the abilities of the School's staff by giving ongoing training. Bear in mind that we have a special and fun campus where we look to build disciplined children in an environment that promotes active learning, physical progress, and loving care. Our end goal is to assist each person in finding God's plan for their life and destiny.

Our school is a Christian learning school in partnership with the home. Learners are motivated to find and grow their skills through the God-given talents, interest and power for a lasting daily bread, and service to the Lord in today’s community.


Johannesburg Christian Academy is committed to;

  • Give learners in South Africa  quality education that raise greatness and free thinking.
  • Offer Christian values in a prayerful, gain and good  learning place, saved by God and give meaningfully to their communities.

Core Values


  • Christ disciplined
  • honesty
  • Service
  • Order
  • Excellence
  • Responsibility
  • Hardworking

These points show that all we do is for God’s glory.


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Staff Members

Our team is made up of very most trained staff
Every area of education is taken care of

Mr. Harry Kumwenda
Vera Kumwenda
Mr. Neil De Wet
Ms Nosipho Makaza
Pr. Richard Gyimah
Marketing Manager