Johannesburg Christian Academy offers Grade R-12 CAPS Curriculum in a serene and conducive teaching and learning environment. It is independent non-denominational, non-racial, co-educational school run on Christian principles and values.

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Johannesburg Christian Academy is one of the best reliable Christian schools in Johannesburg and offers a Grade R-12 CAPS syllabus in calm and helpful teaching and learning home. It is truly a bold, non-unit, non-racial co-educational school run on Christian truth and values. Therefore, Johannesburg Christian Academy caters to Grade R- 12. The school has registered with the Department of Education. Our registration number is 700134031. Here we have a lot of outside activities. We even include sports. We have a perfect staff-to-learner relationship in big classrooms. And for this reason, we also vow to parents safe, helpful teaching and learning.

Johannesburg Christian Academy is a Christian learning community that is the most trusted Christian school in Johannesburg. We are in a never-ending union with home. We guide our learners to find and grow their future through the God-given talents, gain and skills for a lasting living, and service to the Lord in today’s society. 

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