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We Are One Of The Most Affordable Christian Schools In Johannesburg

JHB Christian Academy has a culture of teamwork because it takes a team effort for South Africa to lead in global education. We’re one of the best innovators and empowered christian schools in Johannesburg who aim for greatness. In our vision & mission social life changing goals are through patience and a sense of importance. There is no better place to study in Johannesburg than at the JHB Christian Academy . Enjoy a lively, fun setting valuable to skill progress. Teachers at our school are well-skilled in the South African educational system, and exam results have steadily improved with each passing year.


We have built a Christian-based school that focuses on spiritual growth, academic progress and greatness, social upliftment and caring, sport skill progress, and book learning for students. Skills of the school’s staff is improved by giving ongoing training. We have a special and fun campus where we look for building disciplined children in an environment that helps with active learning, physical progress, and loving care. Our end goal is to help each person in finding God’s plan for their life and fate. The safety of students is of greatest importance in our school’s educational system. As a result, a drug-free classroom atmosphere exists.

What We Offer

1. Christian teaching based on the Bible

2. Lessons for Christian Education at a Faster Pace

3. Sports and recreation benefits

4. Good education in accordance with the RSA Educational demand (CAPS)

5. Registration with the government – 700134031

6.  Registered with Umalusi

Christian Schools in Johannesburg